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IDA Plugins Downloads
Name Author Description Excerpt Last Updated
AsPack/ASPR RedPlait A plug-in that can be used to un-pack ASPacked files. Nov 30, -1
attendance recorder trapflag This plugin records - number of times you opened the database - date ... Nov 30, -1
bd_func Halvar Flake A helper plugin that outputs functions from IDA Pro to a .vcg file so it can ... Nov 30, -1
CLU Alan Bradley CLU is an IDA plugin that works with Tron to allow you to set invisible ... Oct 5, 2006
Com Plugin v1.2 Dieter Spaar The plugin tries to extract the symbol information from the typelibrary of ... Nov 30, -1
Comment Viewer bLaCkeye Comment Viewer is a plug-in for Interactive Dissasembler (IDA) whose purpose ... Mar 7, 2007
Cover It Ilfak Guilfanov This plug-in exposes code coverage tracking capabilities as an IDA plug-in. ... Mar 27, 2006
CRC32 Calculator trapflag This plugin originated as a tool to calculate and display the crc32 value of ... Nov 30, -1
Cyrplug RedPlait Plugin for cyrillic support Convert among russian code pages, also has ... Nov 30, -1
DbgPlus lallous DbgPlus plugin is a plugin that allows you to issue debugging commands ... Apr 15, 2006
Debug Active Process Plugin [email protected] This is a simple addon that will allow you to debug any active process from ... Nov 30, -1
Desquirr David Eriksson Desquirr is a decompiler plugin for IDA Pro. It is currently capable of ... Nov 30, -1
Determina PDB Plugin for IDA Pro Alexander Sotirov This is a replacement for the IDA PDB plugin which significantly improves ... Jun 25, 2007
EPF - Entry-Point-Finder plugin for IDA PRO Dennis Elser Helps find original entrypoint of a packed/crypted windows PE executable. Nov 30, -1
Essense SafeGen Software Essense is IDA Pro (Russian) plugin. It's main purpose is to save essense of ... Nov 30, -1
Fake Code Remover RedPlait Plugin tries to remove some faked code Nov 30, -1
FindCrypt2 Ilfak Guilfanov While analyzing a program quite often we want to know if it uses any ... Feb 7, 2006
Function Analyzer Pedram Amini Written as a C++ class, Function Analyzer was originally developed to ... Apr 5, 2005
Get_ASM J.C. Roberts Shows two seperate ways to grab the ASM text from a particular address. Nov 30, -1
GraphTest Dennis Elser This example plugin for IDA 5.0 (and above) shows you how to use the new ... Mar 20, 2006
GraphTest 2 Dennis Elser Although these plugins aren't intended to be useful in your everday's work, ... Jun 20, 2006
HeapTracer Gerardo Richarte HeapDraw was originally created as a postmortem analisys tool, to see how ... Jul 7, 2007
Highlighter Ilfak Guilfanov Highlighter plugin v1.0 Highlights executed instructions This plugin ... Mar 28, 2006
H_2_OFF V0.4 Darko This plugin helps with structure offsets (indirect access to structure ... Nov 30, -1
IDA DCU Loader RedPlait IDA LOADER for Delphi/Builder 32-bit units (.DCU) Nov 30, -1
IDA Extra Pass Jim Lacy IDA Pro is amazing, IMHO the best disassembler of it's class. But it's nice ... Nov 26, 2007
IDA ManageMarks Hustle Labs This plug-in extends the functionality of IDA's built in mark management ... Sep 22, 2006
IDA Processor Module for PocketC Virtual Machine Unknown IDA Processor Module for PocketC Virtual Machine Nov 30, -1
IDA Stealth Plugin IDA Stealth is a plugin which aims to hide the IDA debugger from most common ... Feb 15, 2010
ida struct rjohnson idastruct is an ida plugin which aims to assist reverse engineers in ... Jan 11, 2006
IDA Sync Pedram Amini IDA Sync was written to allow multiple analysts to synchronize their reverse ... Jul 25, 2006
IDA to SoftIce symbol loader Mostek IDA to SoftIce symbol loader Nov 30, -1
IDA to SoftIce symbol loader Mostek Creates symbol files out of an IDA database loadable by SoftICE. Nov 30, -1
ida-x86emu Chris Eagle Its purpose is to allow a reverse engineer the chance to step through x86 ... May 9, 2006
IDADoc Sebastian Porst Similar to JavaDoc or Doxygen, IDADoc extracts comments from all parts of an ... Feb 13, 2006
IDAPython Gergely Erdelyi IDAPython is an IDA Pro plugin that integrates the Python programming ... Nov 30, -1
IdaRub spoonm IdaRub is an IDA plugin that wraps the IDA SDK for remote and local access ... Jun 29, 2006
IdaThingy lallous Sometimes a small and simple tool can make a difference even if it just ... May 11, 2007
IDB to SIG Quine/Darko Builds a signature file using the information of the current IDA database. Nov 30, -1
IDBG Unknown Debugger for IDB (no real comments...) Nov 30, -1
IDB_2_PAT J.C. Roberts For the most part, this plugin is an exercise in futility. There are very ... Nov 30, -1
INQUISITION - The Decompiling Plugin Polaris/MastroSoft/D!nyo Inquisition is a Local-Assembler-To-PseudoC syntax-guided-translator. If ... Nov 30, -1
Key Stroke Recorder [email protected] This is a simple plugin that will allow you to record keystrokes and play ... Nov 30, -1
Load Map Toshiyuki Tega loads a VC++/BCC map file Nov 30, -1
LoANPlug trapflag Scans an Ida database for custom copy-loops in order to find potential ... Nov 30, -1
Loop Colorizer Ilfak Guilfanov Sometimes I need to know if the current instruction sequence belongs to a ... Oct 25, 2006
Loop Detection Peter Silberman This plug-in uses the Function Analyzer Class (function_analyzer) developed ... Nov 30, -1
MFC Struct Support Plugin RedPlait IDA Loader for Delphi/Builder 32-bit units (.DCU) Nov 30, -1
mIDA nicoP mIDA is a plugin for the IDA disassembler that can extract RPC interfaces ... Oct 21, 2008
mp2x00 loader Alexey Danilchenko This is an IDA loader for Newton MessagePad images. Nov 30, -1
NDSLDR Dennis Elser IDA Loader module for Nintendo DS (NDS) ROM files. Nov 30, -1
Nintendo GameCube DOL Loader Plugin v0.1 Stefan Esser This is a very simple plugin to load DOL files into IDA for reverse ... Nov 30, -1
OBJRec for x86 Halvar Flake An IDA Plugin which helps in the reconstruction of unknown structures and ... Nov 30, -1
Olden Ilfak Guilfanov The plugin is named Olden because it "ages" the listing by modifying the ... Mar 19, 2007
Passing IDC arrays to Plugins J.C. Roberts Shows you how to pass IDC arguments to plugins. Nov 30, -1
Patch Ilfak Guilfanov A copy of the undocumented "Patch byte" command. Shows how to patch the ... Nov 30, -1
PatchDiff 2 nicoP PatchDiff2 is a plugin for the Windows version of the IDA dissassembler that ... Feb 12, 2009
PDB Plus Dean Ashton and Darko 'PDB Plus' is a replacement PDB loader for IDA Pro 4.5 that uses newer ... Oct 2, 2005
pGRAPH Pedram Amini Built on top of the IDA Function Analyzer, pGRAPH (Pedram's Grapher), ... Dec 2, 2005
Position Independent Code RedPlait Position Independent Code Nov 30, -1
ppcAltivec Dean Ashton A processor extension module (ppcAltivec) that extends the supplied PowerPC ... Nov 30, -1
PrintIt Joseph Moti This plug-in is a helper for printing your current IDA view. Run the plug-in ... Mar 27, 2006
Quick demo on using a VB GUI for IDA plugin dzzie Quick demo on using a VB GUI for IDA plugin plugin will just list all fx in ... Nov 30, -1
RDBG lallous Adds remote debugging capabilities to IDA. Enables you to trace malicious ... Nov 30, -1
SegDump Dennis Elser This plugin can create dumps of (memory) segments on your harddisk. This ... Nov 30, -1
Signature finder Amante4 This plugin is intended to search for code signatures defined in the file ... Nov 30, -1
Snapshot! Dennis Elser This plugin creates a snapshot of a running process on your harddisk, which ... Nov 30, -1
Sobek Michel Jean-Fran Sobek is a simple data flow analysis plugin for Interactive Disassembler ... Nov 30, -1
ST6 processor module Spencer Oliver This is a processor module for ST Microelectronic's ST6-based microcontrollers Nov 30, -1
Stealth Ilfak Guilfanov Anti-anti-debugger plugin for IDA Pro. (Stealth). Version 1.0. Hides IDA ... Mar 28, 2006
Structure Dump lallous StructDump is an IDA plugin, allowing you to export IDA types into ... Apr 5, 2007
structure offset recognition RedPlait Plugin for structurs offsets recognizing. This plugin converts all indirect ... Nov 30, -1
Thumb Decompiler Ludvig Strigeus This is a very cool IDA Plug-in that can decompile, Thumb but not ARM. Cool ... Jan 9, 2005
tms320c1 processor module Jeremy Cooper TMS320C1X Processor module Nov 30, -1
Unispector Ilfak Guilfanov Unispector - display contents of unicode strings Mar 28, 2006
User Interface Sample Code J.C. Roberts User Interface Sample Code Nov 30, -1
Very Simple Code Profiler Dennis Elser This is a very simple code profiling plugin for IDA. It shows you how often ... Nov 30, -1
x86 emulator plugin dragon x86 emulator plugin Nov 30, -1
x86grph for x86 Halvar Flake A small utility that will generate a flowgraph from x86 code -- similar to ... Nov 30, -1

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