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OllyDbg Plugins Downloads
Name Author Description Excerpt Last Updated
Analyze This Joe Stewart Sometimes (especially when dealing with packers) you may need to run ... Aug 2, 2005
Anti Anti Hardware Breakpoint Mattwood This plug-in for OllyDbg was written to hook into NTDLL and restore the DRx ... Nov 9, 2005
APIFinder Tomislav Pericin Simple plug-in that assists in the location of and breakpoint setting on ... Jun 21, 2006
Asm2Clipboard fatmike copy asm code to clipboard Nov 30, -1
AttachAnyway Joe Stewart AttachAnyway is a PoC OllyDbg plugin designed to show how to remove a ... Sep 7, 2005
Breakpoint Manager Pedram Amini OllyDBG has excellent breakpoint manipulation capabilities and can store ... Jul 13, 2005
Catcha! mikado Sometimes you don't know how to start a program correctly from OllyDgb. ... Jul 6, 2007
CLBPlus! Robert Ayrapetyan CLBPlus! plugin extends standart capabilities of conditional log ... Jun 21, 2006
Cleanup Ex Gigapede deletes all .udd, .bak files Nov 30, -1
CommandBar Gigapede SoftICE commands in a small bar on the bottom. Update: macro function, ... Nov 30, -1
DebugPlugin TBD loads OllyDbg and breakpoints on load plugin routine. Nov 30, -1
DeJunk flyfancy find/remove junkcode from packers. also customizable. Nov 30, -1
DllBreakEx Epsylon3 For debugged proggies which loads a lot of dll, with this plugin you can ... Jun 21, 2006
ExtraCopy Regon copy portions of code inside OllyDbg Nov 30, -1
Fader CWJ OwlSoft Simple plug-in that adds menu options for controls the transparency of the ... Jun 21, 2006
FindCrypt mcb This plugin is an OllyDbg port of Ilfak's ... Feb 9, 2006
GoDup godfather+ IDA signature loader/map loader/resource viewer/process info Update: view ... Nov 30, -1
Heap Vis Pedram Amini You may have noticed the ghosted 'Heap' option under the 'View' menu in ... Jun 10, 2005
Hide Caption Gigapede This plug-in hides MDI windows, captions, as well as shows them. These ... Nov 30, -1
Hide Debugger Asterix This plugin employs a number of methods to hide OllyDbg from debugger ... Sep 10, 4
HitTrace dzzie This is a simple plugin based on my modulebpx code. You set breakpoints in ... Aug 30, 2006
IsDebuggerPresent SV hide debugger from IsDebuggerPresent Windows API position Nov 30, -1
Labeler Gigapede creates label/structs Jun 20, 2006
Labelmaster Joe Stewart This plugin allows you to manipulate labels in batch. Its basic functions ... Nov 30, -1
MapConv godfather+, TBD and SHaG imports .map files from SoftiCE or IDA Nov 30, -1
MD5 Sniffer Ziggy I've written an Olly plugin "MD5 Sniffer" which can test MD5 ... Nov 30, -1
Memory Manage Unknown Simple utility that allows you to allocate memory in the debuggee process space. Nov 30, -1
Modified CmdLine Plug-in anonymouse This plug-in is a modified version of the default command line plugin and ... Apr 29, 2007
Modified PDK Alex Clarke This is a mirror of the modified PDK from Alex Clarke that is hosted on ... Nov 30, -1
Module BPX dzzie This is a simple plugin designed to allow you to set breakpoints within ... Aug 30, 2006
NonaWrite Nonameo NonaWrite is essentially a multiline edit box which you can write your code ... Nov 30, -1
Olly Advanced MaRKuS_TH-DJM This general purpose plug-in exposes a number of advancements and anti-anti ... Mar 13, 2007
Olly De-Attach Helper Pedram Amini This is a *very* simple plug-in that exposes two useful features. One, it ... Jun 8, 2006
Olly Sync Drew Hintz Olly Sync is an OllyDbg plug-in that enables synchronization with other ... Jun 17, 2005
OllyBone Joe Stewart Break-on-Execute for OllyDbg You will need the OllyDbg PDK and the ... Aug 7, 2006
OllyDump Gigapede dump active process to PE file Nov 30, -1
OllyFlow henryouly This plug-in generates allows you to generate the three graph types ... Sep 4, 2005
OllyGraph Joe Stewart This plugin allows you to generate VCG-compatible function graphs much like ... Aug 2, 2005
OllyHelper cygwin Utility plug-in with multiple features, including: * Allocate memory * ... Nov 30, -1
OllyPad SHaG OllyPad lets you create notes for the currently debugged application and ... Jun 10, 2004
OllyPerl Joe Stewart Perl scripting for the OllyDbg API, Alpha-quality code, use at your own ... Jan 15, 2005
OllyScript SHaG OllyScript is a plugin for OllyDbg, which is, in my opinion, the best ... Nov 20, 2007
OllyScript Source Code SHaG OllyScript is a plugin for OllyDbg, which is, in my opinion, the best ... Jun 29, 2006
OllySnake Joseph Moti By taking two snapshots of a module before and after any specific operation, ... Jan 26, 2006
OllySSEH Mario Ballano This plugin does an in-memory scanning of process loaded modules checking if ... May 21, 2007
OllyStepNSearch dst This plugin allows you to search for a given text when automatically ... Oct 30, 2006
OllyUni FX The plugin is designed for OllyDbg, being the debugger of choice I use. ... Jul 12, 2003
OllyVBHelper Joe Stewart OllyVBHelper is an OllyDbg plugin that finds and relabels natively-compiled ... Nov 16, 2005
PE Dumper FKMA PE dumper for OllyDbg Nov 30, -1
Polymorphic Breakpoint Manager Mattwood Classical breakpoints like 0CCh, 0EBh, and 0FEh are very easy to find with ... Nov 9, 2005
PushTracer Joseph Moti PushTracer will scan the current module locating all PUSH [address] ... Jan 31, 2006
StayOnTop matthijsln makes individual MDI client windows to stay on top Nov 30, -1
uhooker Gerardo Richarte The Universal Hooker is a tool to intercept execution of programs. It ... Sep 6, 2006
Universal Hooker CORE Security The Universal Hooker is a tool to intercept execution of programs. It ... Jun 30, 2006
Virtual2Physical Joseph Moti Virtual2Physical does just what it says. It converts virtual addresses to ... Mar 1, 2006
Watch Man Gigapede This plug-in helps in creating, managing, monitoring watches. Essentially a ... Nov 17, 2002
WindowInfo DDM/FFF get handle of window based on mouse position Nov 30, -1
WindowJuggler EsseEmmee enable/disable/click/close windows Nov 30, -1

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