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Name Author Description Excerpt Last Updated
ACProtect 2.0 ColdFever OEP + IAT, OS: WinXP SP2 Pro Note: This script won't work if the OEP ... Feb 8, 2007
Alex Protector 1.0 beta2 script loveboom Auto fix IAT,Remove Junk code. Dec 15, 2004
ARMADiLLO DETECTiVE MEPHiST0 All around armadillo script. - DETECTS Original Entry Point of most ... Dec 3, 2004
Armadillo Standard Script AvAtAr//stephenteh Script fixes the IAT and finds the OEP. Feb 1, 2005
ASPack 2.12 DeAtH HaS cOMe Find Targets OEP Sep 10, 2004
Aspack 2.12 Dll Unpack script loveboom Script finds the relocation table as well as the OEP Aug 13, 2004
ASPack v2.12 Reverend Find targets OEP. Sep 6, 2004
ASProtect 1.2x - 1.3x [Registered] ~Hellsp@wN~ This script finds the OEP and hides Olly from ASProtect. Feb 12, 2004
ASProtect 2.0 OEP-finder bi0w0rM[AHT] Find target's OEP. Sep 23, 2004
ASProtect 2.0 Unpack import & scrambled code recovery (only Delphi & Imagebase = 400000) Sep 30, 2004
Crypt v1.0 DarK_m00n | CiM OEP finder and unpacker for Crypt v1.0 Oct 9, 2004
DBPE 2.x loveboom Found target's OEP, fix IAT. Aug 22, 2004
exe32pack 1.42 dqtln Find target's OEP. Jan 5, 2005
exe32pack 1.42 - OEP Finder & Unpacker DarK_m00n | CiM OEP Finder & Unpacker Dec 31, 2004
ExeStealth v3.04 and Morphine v2.7 haggar Finds OEP on ExeStealth3.04/Morphine2.7 packed programs (by haggar, 29 Mar ... Mar 29, 2005
eXPressor 1.2 OEP Finder haggar This script finds the OEP. Mar 25, 2005
E_ZIP v1.0 DarK_m00n | CiM OEP finder and Unpacker Oct 9, 2004
Flexlm v7.2+ Haldir Finds the seed. Sep 6, 2004
French Layor 1.81 - OEP Finder DarK_m00n | CiM This script finds the OEP finder. Dec 30, 2004
FSG v1.0 - OEP finder DarK_m00n | CiM OEP finder. Oct 9, 2004
FSG v2.0 - Find target's OEP Reverend Find the OEP. Sep 6, 2004
Gamehouse Media Packer - Find Targets OEP D-Jester This script find the OEP. Sep 11, 2004
JDPack v1.01 - Find target's OEP DeAtH HaS cOMe This script finds the OEP. Jul 18, 2004
JDPack/JDprotect OEP Finder loveboom Finds the OEP. Jul 2, 2004
LameCrypt v1.0 - Find target's OEP DeAtH HaS cOMe Finds the targets OEP. Sep 24, 2004
Mew11 SE 1.2 - find target's OEP Darus Finds the OEP. Oct 4, 2004
MEW11 SE v1.2 - Find target's OEP DeAtH HaS cOMe Finds the target's OEP. Sep 26, 2004
Mew11 SE v1.2 OEP Finder DarK_m00n | CiM Find the targets OEP. Dec 31, 2004
MoleBox v2.x.x.x - OEP Finder Newbie Cracker (MS) Finds the OEP. Jan 5, 2005
Neolite v2.0 - Find target's OEP DeAtH HaS cOMe Finds the OEP. Jul 19, 2004
Neolite v2.0 - OEP finder DarK_m00n | CiM Finds the OEP. Oct 9, 2004
Obsidium loveboom Auto fix IAT, remove junk code, find stolen code. Jul 16, 2004
Packman v0.0.0.1 - Script finds OEP dzen Finds the OEP. Mar 15, 2005
PE Compact 2.xx - Find target's OEP hacnho/VCT2k4 Find the targets OEP. Jul 14, 2004
PECompact 0.9x - Find target's OEP ~Hellsp@wN~ Find target OEP. Jun 29, 2004
PEcompact 2.00-2.38 OEP Finder fpx Finds the targets OEP. Jan 9, 2005
PECompact 2.40 - Find target's OEP dqtln Find target's OEP. Nov 12, 2004
PECompact v.2.40 - OEP finder DWord Find the OEP. Jun 9, 2004
PELock 1.0x loveboom Auto fix IAT,remove junk code,find stolen code Jul 9, 2004
PePack v1.0 - Find target's OEP DeAtH HaS cOMe Find target OEP. Jul 18, 2004
PESpin v0.7 - Find target's OEP Reverend^HTB+RAG Find the OEP of a given target. Sep 6, 2004
PESpin v0.7 Stolen Code Finder loveboom fix IAT, remove junkcode, fix oep code Jul 10, 2004
Stone's PE-ExeEncrypter v1.13 - Find target's OEP DeAtH HaS cOMe Find the OEP of a given target. Apr 1, 2005
WinKripT v1.0 - Find target's OEP DeAtH HaS cOMe Apr 1, 2005
WWPack32 v1.20 Demo - Find target's OEP DeAtH HaS cOMe Find the Target's OEP. Jul 17, 2004
yoda's Crypter 1.3 - Find target's OEP hacnho/VCT2k4 Find the OEP of a target. Sep 15, 2004
yoda's Protector v1.0b - Goto OEP Script sonkite Find a target's OEP Sep 5, 2004

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