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Topic created on: April 29, 2008 00:27 CDT by nezumi .

I offer you 10-day free IDA-Pro/Soft-Ice/Syser/OllyDbg/GDB training included, but not restricted to:

* IDA Pro fundamentals;
* IDA Pro idc-scripts basics;
* IDA Pro plug-ins (how to write);
* Disassembling trickily programs;
* Disassembling Java/.NET byte-code;
* Disassembling a custom VM byte-code;
* Anti-disassemblering tricks (how to defeat);
* Manual unpacking packed exe/dll/elf (NT/Linux/BSD);
* Writing your own scripts/plug-ins to automate unpacking;
* The best strategy to find security holes in the closed software;
* How to design and debug your own "proof-of-concept" exploits;
* ...and everything else you want to know, well, almost everything :)

note: this offer will never expire

I live in South Russia (see the map bellow, or feed "Russia, Krasnodarskiy kray, gorod Armavir" to http://maps.google.com/ and see the result).

There are three major airports around my place:
- Pashkovsky Airport Krasnodar (KRR): http://airport.u.nu/KRR;
- Mineralnye Vody Airport (MRV): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mineralnye_Vody_Airport;
- Rostov-on-Don Airport (ROV): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rostov-on-Don_Airport;

of course, I can meet you, if you arrive to Moscow (guess, this would be more simple to you).

I live in my own house and have a guest room for you and a dozen computers for training (that means: one learner for a training period or two, if you don't mind to live together, since the room has only one double-bedded bed, I trained a family: husband and wife in the past and they both were in RE).

btw, South Russia is a very beautiful place: mountains, canyons, hills, ravines, seas, lakes, waterfalls - just a few to say.

so, I invite you to security-training (and camping if you don't mind and we will have free time for this). it's free. you only pay your two-ways tickets to Russia (food, room, etc - is free). I know rus and eng, so you're supposed to talk eng or rus.

if you're interested, PM me here or mail to ida-training#nezumi.org.ru

# a bit about myself #
have over 15 years of software engineering and reverse engineering experience (CD/DVD protections, PE/ELF packers/protectors, CD/DVD copiers), data flow optimization, CPU-specific optimization, compiler specific optimization, debugging code and analyze binary crash-dumps).
Researched malware, developed software/hardware protections, discovered security holes in OSes (Winnows, Linux, xBSD), drivers, applications and x86 CPU, designed a lot of protections to prevent unauthorizing using, optimized code and data structures (x86-asm, C), tested software (including audio/video codecs) and helped to find bugs and fix them, recovered damaged or erased data (HDD, CD/DVD) - just a few to say.

published more than 20 books about system programming, and most of them were translated on English, Chinese, Polish and other language I ever don't know (English editions follow bellow);
published more than 300 articles in Russian magazines (and most of them are filled up with new ideas or my own researches);

* Hacker Disassembling Uncovered: Powerful Techniques To Safeguard Your Programming (ISBN: 1931769222)
* Hacker Disassembling Uncovered: Second Edition, totally rewritten (ISBN-10: 1931769648)
* CD Cracking Uncovered: Protection Against Unsanctioned CD Copying (ISBN-10: 1931769338)
* Data Recovery Tips & Solutions: Windows, Linux, and BSD (ISBN-10: 1931769567)
* Code Optimization: Effective Memory Usage (ISBN-10: 1931769249)
* Shellcoder's Programming Uncovered (ISBN-10: 193176946X)
* Hacker Debugging Uncovered (ISBN-10: 1931769400)

welcome to my den!

  frankboldewin     April 29, 2008 02:15.35 CDT
may i ask why you do that for free? ;)

  nezumi     April 29, 2008 02:24.40 CDT
> frankboldewin: may i ask why you do that for free? ;)
I'm not after money (I have a job and it pays enough to cover my needs, so I don't look for profit), my work is not what I do, this is what I am, my work -> my self-identity. I really enjoy it and want to share my knowledge with the world and everyone who is involved into security/low-level programming. I'm very serious. this is a real offer, it's not a joke!

  RolfRolles     April 29, 2008 03:30.54 CDT
It's nice of you to offer that, Kris.  I'm glad to see that money does not always win out over technical purity.  (Although the bit about camping reminds me of a certain bash.org quote ... ;-))

  nezumi     April 29, 2008 03:39.59 CDT
> RolfRolles: the bit about camping reminds me of a certain bash.org quote ... ;-))
well, we're not talking about camping, aren't we? I just live on hills, there a lot of geological faulting within five minutes walking distance, so to be here and don't even look at them is... however, the training is our primary goal, right? and I promise, I'll show you many interesting tricks.

  cli3nt   April 29, 2008 15:32.10 CDT
I wanted to write to you yesterday and just say to you that your books are great source of wisdom and I really enjoy your writing style but what I saw today (I mean that offer you've made) is just overwhelming, Kris you are a hero! ;) I have a one question - there are time limitations? I mean you do this in some time period? or it does not matter when someone visit you?

  nezumi     April 30, 2008 01:14.11 CDT
> cli3nt:
thanks a lot, I'm really happy to hear that you like my books, however, this is definitely _not_ my style, they all were translated by Olga Kokoreva. I do my best to learn English and going to write the second book in English by myself.

to answer your question: there is no any time frames, however, I might to move to another country in the future (well, maybe not). anyway, I would like to invite you. be my guest. you will enjoy it, I promise.

> Kris you are a hero! ;)
I'm not a hero, I'm just a small nezumi (a mouse), living in the shadows with only my own company in my den, my hacker's temple, rotting into a solitary, hollow existence, feeding by specifications and disassembling listings...
over many years I've built the utmost fragile atmosphere, it was seem like a good idea at first, but suddenly I'd realized, if I'm not going to spend the rest of my life alone, I have to do something and somehow take a shift.

  gantarone     April 30, 2008 15:04.49 CDT
Hi  Kris,
is it possible make a video of training course?

  nezumi     April 30, 2008 17:09.59 CDT
> gantarone: Hi  Kris,
> is it possible make a video of training course?
I have no video-cam by myself, but if you have the one, please feel free filming everything you want - I don't mind. since photography is my hobby, I have a lot of lighting equipment, so I can help you with light.

  PabloACastillo     May 1, 2008 23:08.29 CDT
Thanks Kris for this iniciative.


  rakish     May 2, 2008 07:58.16 CDT
great, i hope good news ever...

ppl in my country in most times charge around $10,00 to teach you simple things...

some "courses" in some conferences that i'll not mention the name here, charge a lot of money for just some hours of ...

look to your initiative, you offering ppl to go your home, stay 10 days, for a free training!(and training with the author of some great books)

without doubts you deserve respect and applauses

  wishi     May 3, 2008 06:23.20 CDT
Same thing here. People sell themselves.

Hmmh... that really sounds adventurous. But it's far away. Very cool idea!

  NeOXQuiCk     May 3, 2008 09:23.50 CDT
damn ,like my wish comming to reality.. if i would be girl i would surely marry you :P

but i would like to welcome you on suggestion your idea to making training for free

  nezumi     May 3, 2008 09:54.39 CDT
> Same thing here. People sell themselves.
not everybody does. we, russian, have a good proverb for that
(well, I'm not sure that it's our proverb, maybe it's just translation).
it sounds like: who knows how to do things - does, who doesn't know - teaches
if someone knows how to earn a million dollars, what he does?! teaches or earns? yeah, writing a book "how to earn a million" is a very good way to earn it, and the first chapter should be "to write a book how to earn a million...".

  appenzell     May 5, 2008 06:28.58 CDT
Damn really nice offer Kris!
Let say if we are 3-5 people from the same country interested, would you accept to come to our place to do the training? we would of course pay your trip (plane/hotel/food).

  nezumi     May 5, 2008 07:07.45 CDT
why not? depends on country, however. I have no visa yet and getting it takes time. I don't take money for training, but you're supposed to cover my traveling expenses and organize everything for training (room, PCs with installed IDA Pro, MS Visual C++ for compile plug-ins, etc). this is still non-profit training, however, money is involved. yes, I understand, is a good way to save your money: you pay only for my flight instead of your five.
btw, RE might be illegal in some county, I'm not a lawyer and don't know the situation in every county. Russian's laws allow to reverse any software, obtained by legal way (buying, downloading trial, etc), so to protect my ass I would like to work with an organization, a firm or whatever. I just wonder: are you just a group of people or you represent some org? or you can find the org to represent you.

  appenzell     May 5, 2008 08:08.22 CDT
really cool! I need first to see with my org how we could set this up and if feasible I'll tell you all the details and hope it would be ok for you!! thanks again!

  callAX     May 7, 2008 14:37.58 CDT
i really think that you're a cool guy, we will definitively meet each other as soon as you can, keep in touch

  zhzhtst     May 7, 2008 18:38.47 CDT

  nezumi     May 7, 2008 19:33.29 CDT
I'm thinking about on-line trainings too and going to publish a few courses in a few weeks. btw, I love China and Chinese ppl!!!

  abuse007     May 7, 2008 21:33.18 CDT
I'd be interested in the online training, and I'm sure a million other people will be too.

  Externalist     May 7, 2008 23:07.31 CDT
This is such a great offer! :) If only I had the money to fly over to Russia... Sometimes I wish I was born as a russian. :/
It's great for you to do such great things for non profit. My country also charges alot of money to learn basic things; can you believe a 1 month beginner's RCE class in South Korea is 1200$??!! That's like stealing money. :/
I would love to attend the trainings, but since I don't have that much money, and since the training goes on forever, I might just save my earnings for a couple months and then try to fly over there if I get a chance. Or I'll probably just wait for the online training courses which you're planning to make in the near future. Thanks alot for the contributions to the RCE community, and I hope the training will last long enough until I've saved enough money. :)

  nezumi     May 8, 2008 20:17.07 CDT
on-line trainings is something... absolute different. it's easy to explain you complicate things Face2Face. I see what you doing and see from which moment it goes wrong, I lead you, I see your fingers dancing on the keyboard, and estimate how long your way is. if it's too long, I show you another way: how to do the same thing more quickly and effective.

on-line training... no feed back. it's kind of books or articles I give you. yes, I can send you tasks, check it out, you're supposed to ask my help if you're confused or have no idea what has to be done next. however, I'm working on on-line courses and papers now. so, follow news :=)

thanks for your interest. you live in a beautiful country and I would like to live somewhere in Asia, work there, have an Asian wife and kids, oh, dreams, dreams. some people say: ''you don't know what you had until you lose it''. btw, I got a few invitations form some groups of Asian ppl to fly to their place and do trainings there, however, Korea is not on the list, I'll be much close to your place than now, so your flight will be cheaper. keep your chin up! don't get cast down!

  Externalist     May 8, 2008 21:11.52 CDT
That sounds awesome! If the training's going to happen in China, then I could just borrow some $ from my parents and fly over to the place since it's, as you said, much less expensive. :) But I don't know the exact date and location where the training's going to take place, so if possible, can you give me a heads up with that piece of imformation? :P
And one more thing, (This question is more directed to the groups inviting nezumi for the training) is it possible for people outside the group/company to attend the training? Of course I'd have to find a place to stay, and buy my own food, also bring my own labtop, but I was just wondering if it was Okay for other people to join the training so long as it doesn't bother, or interfere in any kind of way. :) Thanks!

  zarulshahrin     May 12, 2008 00:10.47 CDT
Nezumi... How about Malaysia? :) We also have Chinese here... Hehehe, ohya.. we are going to have a security conference here in Malaysia.. maybe you can join us...

  zarulshahrin     May 12, 2008 00:11.39 CDT
It's HackInTheBox security conference , the biggest security conference in Asia,...

  nezumi     May 12, 2008 06:42.22 CDT
join as a discusser or a member? I mean do you want me to make a speech? anyway, I'm very interested and going to be there.

  mori     May 13, 2008 12:29.19 CDT
> nezumi: > cli3nt:
> I\'m not a hero, I\'m just a small nezumi (a mouse), living in the shadows with only my own company

A stainless steel rat perhaps?


  Roady     May 25, 2008 04:04.48 CDT
If people are still going forward to inviting Nezumi in Switzerland, I am interested to join if possible.

  x0rr0x   May 26, 2008 09:49.41 CDT
same here, I think my org would help cover costs too. (this is for switzerland as well)

  3volver     September 1, 2008 21:16.43 CDT
Hi Nezumi,

I realize you must be quite busy; I plan on traveling through a large portion of South-East Asia for a period of about 5 months and would be quite interested in dropping by for a visit. If you're available, I'd probably be able to make my way through your neck of the woods in late March of '09. Your thoughts?



  RayGibson     September 3, 2008 07:32.23 CDT
Hi, Kris. I read only one your book, but i really think that you are genius!!! Really!
But I want ask you  Kris how you do so many works (write artikles and books , finding bugs and  etc ))
You a have time for rest??

  nezumi     October 5, 2008 08:42.03 CDT
I arrive to Malaysia, KL on Friday, October 24, 2:40 PM (Flight #809, Kuala Lumpur International Arpt (KUL) Terminal M), and fly back on Tuesday, November 04.

will be glad to meet you there. we can share our tricks or just hang out. also I still offer RE-courses for a free.

3 days Intensive RE Course for Professional Application Developers

  vessial   January 21, 2009 02:03.37 CST
hi,Kris, thanks your offer,and i am very interesting your courses,so i'd like to come,i am from beijing china,
at first i am troubled on apply visa, maybe be you
can send me a invitation.then my visa will apply success.
thanks, details in email: vessial@hotmail.com

very thanks your idea.

  nezumi     January 21, 2009 18:53.29 CST
* fixed broken links above, sorry didn't notice it before.

RE course in Tel-Aviv
On Jan-24 nezumi flies to Israel to lecture 4-days RE-course for security engineers, the draft is available. there is my cell phone. buzz or SMS me to meet.

  Varied     January 24, 2009 20:59.02 CST
It is a pity that I missed this event! And so I would like to learn from Chris!

  nezumi     May 26, 2009 22:38.32 CDT
Hi guys! I have got USA visa and from now on I'm able to lecture the reversing course(s) in the states. for individuals and non-profit organizations it's free (you just cover my traveling expenses).

I will upload the updated syllabuses in a week. hope to see you soon!

  Es19     June 12, 2010 12:02.37 CDT
I would love to visit you, but I don't have the money. Will there be a Email training?

  MFox     June 12, 2010 13:22.45 CDT
wow! nice.
cuz of my country and etc, i'll be glad for On-Line Training... :)

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