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Topic created on: June 27, 2014 06:09 CDT by elexzenederex .

Going to do today with the Vince here is run a base looking at get a routine forum Palace pass the word his poses are the best soul Maxman Power you know when he hits a certain polo show is it going a lot faster his body shape Islamic and things like that so really bring out fans in what he's grotto show the package he has on us we want to bring today some Iím Tim lucky owner up you're missing link of the business also here in Burlington Ontario and the name that you're missing link itís because you're only strong as your weakest link so I do a little bit more been just training also look at nutrition and lifestyle modifications and using by a signature for you know getting the best added you so Allah manual brain is a dance and all that because I don't know people know I'll you know how much achieve she's of which the Canadian business here also see action is almost nightly fitness pro a she's was clearly she's one and I FB IFBB pro fitness show coming number one such as the old media to do that which is pretty remarkable and she's been too I think he'll Indiaís and she's actually going to be competing this year at the Toronto preshow which is very yeah she's doing it was pretty cool probably excited about that taxing you competing against my girlfriend which will be pretty neat to see but I know some really great people and some people greatly look up Maxman Power to okay people like for you guys to for anybody who's in the hamlet in Burlington CT area crew would be like Paul likes you coming check this place out Williams obvious for people with who you guys work within the field yeah I mean my mind my majority flight now is a unique person you know you're busy presidency of anything on but I deal with a lot of a home lawns to you as well you know I A everyone really is oh so you're not so much for pacific here but I ideal yup population I'm by myself as pretty much the every individual it's not really athletes more so for that the average person executives business Nationals people just no need to look at what they can do to I get the best at it cells stay the whole companies but first thing is not me stop stands that you did you castrated I love these like no your day to die hard was not home I'm main there you go do that us a shot yeah that's been a lot though there's aided allegedly yeah last frontline yeah or manager not every shot UK and I think this one with a hands on my hips Lee with injured great got done with that he was like this month home everything the Chateaux out yeah right there you know you'll maintain you hold it for you know you know 20-30 seconds and then youíll annual you know any given on a shapelyyeah he is your draw attention yes shake it up and the switch to the other siderite for you want to cut the Olympic vigilant but once you get it down you know every.


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