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Topic created on: September 20, 2012 00:42 CDT by rwartell .

So I've been writing plugins and scripts for IDA Pro for a while now, but the majority of them have been for static analysis.  Switching gears now to getting information from a trace and I need a little help.

Here's the plugin that I need.  I don't think it can be accomplished with an idapython script but feel free to correct me.  

First functionality, I need to print out the trace of every instruction address executed inside the binary (I do not need information from imported libraries, etc.).  I know I can print the trace information after the execution, but I need the full trace, which could be 1 billion instructions, and I can't set the trace that large I'm guessing.  Is there a way to print trace information as it is being populated?

Secondary functionality: Is there a way to determine when an instruction has loaded an address from the .text section.  For example, when the following instruction executes:

mov eax, [0x401024 + ecx*4]
ecx = 3 at runtime

I want a plugin that would print 0x401030 to a file, since data was loaded from that address.  Does anyone know a way to do this simply?  Or would I have to interpret each executed instruction and determine myself what data it loads or doesn't load?

Thanks in advance for the help.

  wendaosesrt     September 26, 2012 19:59.31 CDT

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